Summer Classics

Hey people! I hope you guys are doing great despite the hot weather. The summer is here and its already 45 degrees in some part of our country. With the temperature rising each day, rises the need to look your stylish best even if its hot out there.

To look sharp in summers is a bit difficult task because we cannot layer up clothes. In order to beat the heat, you should go for a simple, minimal and most importantly comfortable clothes.

If you are looking for new wardrobe additions this summer; here’s a tip. Buy clothes that are airy/breathable and do not buy clothes that are tight.

Keeping in mind your summer vacation plans here’s a look I have curated for you all. I love tropical prints and also they are so much in trend this season. The most important feature of the shirt I chose is that it’s made up of 100% cotton. Also, a regular fit is what I personally prefer and suggest others for summer clothing. The pink shirt is not too bright and not too faded with black floral print on it. The cutaway collar of the shirt and the material keeps you airy while, the regular fit provides the utmost comfort. I bought this shirt from Myntra and its of brand called Locomotive.

I paired my shirt with a black jeans because it coordinated well with the black print on the shirt. I paired all of the above with my black slip-ons from Koovs and I was good to go. To make the look a bit more edgy i styled it with a pair of vintage sunglasses and a hat.







Photography by: Subodh Sawant.

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Let’s Party.

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing great. Ah, March was a beautiful month and it did treat me well. It was my birthday last month and I am awaiting a few more birthday parties of my friends this month.

Summer is here, and with it comes the headache of choosing right clothes for an occasion may it be work, party or hangout with friends. Through this post I would be sharing few tips which you need to keep in mind while dressing for a party in summer. Parties are supposed to be fun, and for people like me, its another opportunity to dress good and flaunt.

In order to look fab, I would personally not prefer wearing a normal checked or printed shirt; I need a jacket for a party. Investing in a light weight bomber jacket can really be value for money. I chose a pinkish orange bomber jacket from KOOVS. Its a jacket made of cotton, extremely light and it also has a pastel shade. It has a front button fastening, so you can button up or leave it open depending on the heat. Twin pocket detail in the front really makes it look edgier.

I topped it on a regular white t-shirt and black denim in order to look stylish but still keeping it minimal. For the footwear however, I chose a pair of party slip-on bought from KOOVS again. The shoes have studs on the sides and back and they just look perfect on party night.

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Back To College

Hello mates!

A very happy new year to all of you.

Firstly, I apologize for not being consistent on the blog for a month. But I am  back with a new post, a new outfit. I am very excited for this post because of two reasons, one- it features my favorite brand for bags and the other is- its about college outfit. 🙂

What do you miss the most about your college life? The fun, bunks, having too many friends are the usual answers. Well, for me, I miss the casual outfits a lot. Its been just a month I have joined my office and I eagerly wait for Fridays, the day I get to wear casuals. If you are bored of the formals and miss the good old casual college days, you are in the right place, cheers 🙂 .

Now, lets come to the outfit I have put together. The main reason I did this post is that I really wanted to highlight the backpack that I bought by a brand called Atorse. Its a reddish brown bag with a roll back top. Its not only high on fashion and but also in quality, its made up of  canvas fabric and has padded back and straps. It also has section for laptop. In a nutshell, it is a perfect day-to-day bag for college, casual fridays, weekends and outings.

Yes, I have fallen in love with this bag, so I have styled the entire outfit around it. I chose a basic solid mustard color t-shirt from Mast & Harbour, which has also become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Mustard yellow, a color that is so beautiful, vibrant and bright; often gets ignored. Especially, men might find it difficult to style an outfit with such a color. I would advice teaming it with black,blue or grey trousers/jeans. I wanted to keep it neutral so I wore a black denim as I thought it would look stunning with a combination of black, yellow and brown.

To brighten the look and to pop the outfit even more, white shoes were my choice for the footwear. A blue and white belt Daniel Wellington watch and a brown leather braided bracelet were the only accessories. A pair of nerd glasses or regular sunglasses along with this outfit will make you looking stunning, bold and young at the same time.

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Photography by- Subodh Sawant.

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See you guys soon with a new post until then stay stylish, stay stylish and be always young. 😉



Dapper Diwali

Hello guys!!

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. Diwali is the most significant festival of India. Often know as ‘festival of lights’, Diwali is celebrated for five days; but in few parts of India the celebrations continue till Tulsi Vivah.

To make sure that you look your best on this auspicious occasion I have come up with a new outfit. The end of diwali marks the beginning of wedding season in India, the ensemble showcased below is perfect for a sangeet, engagement, a festival or any other traditional or cultural event.

Men do not have much options, when it comes to ethnicwear. A kurta-pajama, simple or embroidered sherwani, a nehru jacket and dhoti are the only options we choose from. However, you can always experiment with the resources available, style them in a unique way and stand out from the crowd.

So, without much delay lets see the outfit.

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Well the above outfit is what I wore for the Diwali Pahat this year. I did not want to buy a new kurta or a complete dress so, I decided to style my simple kurta with a shawl to get a decent look with a touch of royality to it. I had bought this red, cotton kurta & pajama for a traditional day event held in my college. And the shawl belongs to my dad, I had bought this one when I went on  Shimla tour this year.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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I styled my traditional look by draping the shawl in different ways. For the accessories, I suggest going simple as always. I wore a brown leather belt Denial Wellington watch, a dark brown wrist band and two rings to accessorize the look. Going down to footwear, you can wear a nice pair of tasseled loafers, kolhapuri chappals or even a leather belt sandal. Amritsari chittar’s or jutti as it is known popularly, was my choice for footwear.

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Well that’s it for this blog post. See you all soon with the next post, until then stay swish, stay stylish and keep sharing the good vibes.

Again, Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead!

Photography by – Advait Malgundkar.

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Floral Falls

Hola!! And we are back (feels so good:) ). Hope the September is treating you well.

Last month i.e. August already marked the beginning of festivities and it still continues. So here I come with an outfit which is trendy, classy and stylish as well as perfect for a party, evening getaways or even a daytime hangout.

Lets just see the outfit details right away !! 😉

Black has always been my favorite and will always be. Hope that’s your favorite as well. So I chose an all black outfit. The shirt that I wore is a micro-printed floral shirt. The floral print on the shirt is white in color, micro in size and dense, hence the black shirt doesn’t look complete black. Where as prints are in trends this season, I opted for simple black and white shirt; while you can go for a multi-color one and also experiment with prints like palm tree prints, polka dot prints and many other options available out there in stores.

A black denim is what I chose as I wanted an all black outfit.; however you can also choose from khaki, beige or a dark grey chino trousers. Make sure the jeans or the trousers you wear has a proper length. If they are slightly long roll them up or if they are too long crop them just the way I did, the ends should just reach somewhere in the middle of your ankle area.

About the footwear, I preferred a pair of white shoes to give the look a bit of contrast. And as always, a watch was my only accessory. A brown belt watch from Daniel Wellington was my choice to complete the look. Also sunglasses are a must have if its sunny outside.

Photography by – Subodh Sawant.

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See you all soon until then stay stylish,stay swish. 😉

Lets Get Aztec’d

Hey guys!! What’s up?

Hope you all are enjoying the monsoon whilst staying swish 😉 . Its august, the month when the rains slowly calm down by the end of it and leave behind the greenery. This month also marks the beginning of festive season in India. The monsoon is about to end in september and the autumn begins thereafter; here I am with yet another blog featuring a piece from MaxfashionIndia’s pre-autumn collection.

Aztec prints should definitely be on your list this season. Aztec prints are colorful, fun and the graphics on them give a tribal feel to it. Aztec prints are inspired from a tribal, ethnic group of Mexico. The prints are a mix of stripes, polkas etc in different geometric patterns.

The shirt that I chose has AZTEC print on it and it is in color dark blue with white prints and has a few sea blue stripes. The reason behind choosing aztec is : firstly, they are trending and secondly, the prints on them give them a traditional touch; so you can wear them on a regular weekend, for hangouts and for a festive occasion as well. The color blue and all of its shades are my personal favourite as they give a sense of calmness, peace and promotes mental relaxation.

I paired the shirt with a white trouser, as I thought it goes in perfect contrast with the dark blue. The combination looks perfectly balanced and makes you stand out in lush green environment of the season. I wore my dark brown pointed shoes to enhance the outfit and the overall look.

The only accessory that i wore was a Daniel Wellington watch with brown belt. However, one can also wear a back or brown leather bracelet or an anchor bracelet. A tanned brown bag will also look kickass with the outfit.

Remember, the key to look swish is in understanding how to wear an outfit and styling it accordingly.

Photography by – Subodh Sawant.





Well, that’s it about this outfit. Hope you guys liked the look and the styling. Let me know your views about the look in the comment section. Do try the look, experiment with the prints and layers and tag me in the pictures, I am eager to see you all dappered :).

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Cut and Sew

Hello beautiful people! With the commencement of the colleges and a new academic year, The Swish Bloke is back with a style you can adopt for everyday college look.

A new academic year, a new beginning, every single thing around us changes or gets updated then, why not our style? No worries, my new look is a simple one, low on budget and yet stylish and awesome.

This time I wanted the look to be simple and fab at the same time, so I am wearing a t-shirt by KOOVS. Its a cut and sew t-shirt with a color block style to it. Also the quality of fabric is very good, it keeps you cool and lets your skin breath well. The shirt also has a leather patch to it which gives it a snazziness and makes you stand out from the crowd instantly. The color combination of gray and navy blue looks stunning.

You can try it with anything from a heavy distress jeans to joggers and knee length shorts. I chose the distress jeans. The pair of jeans I am wearing in the picture is by Killer and is actually an old pair. I saw a DIY on youtube and ripped it myself, I wasn’t sure whether it would look good, but the end results were satisfying. As you can see I opted for a medium distress and faded blue, you can experiment with colors.






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Stay stylish, stay swish.