Keep it Short

Hello guys!! A very warm welcome to my blog once again. Thank you so much for the amazing response to my first post.

The monsoon has already arrived in most part of the country. The most difficult question in rainy season is what to wear? It becomes even more difficult on the weekends, as the clothes don’t dry easily  and you are left with very few options. A pair of shorts can help you on such days. So, I will be sharing two looks with shorts in this post.

For the first look, I chose white shorts and a solid black, V-necked T-shirt. You are good to go with a black and white look but, I tried experimenting the look with a denim shirt. If you are a skinny person, a layer can really help you look fuller and fitter. As its monsoon I prefer wearing basic sandals over shoes. Of course, who would want to move around in wet shoes.



A nice wrist band of black, or brown tan can add to the look. Also if it is not raining someday, a nice pair of lace up plimsolls or espadrilles can be worn.

The second look is a rather simple one with the same solid black T-shirt and orange shorts. Shorts can also help you to stay away from the mud and the dirt stains 😉 . The color combination of black and bright orange looks perfect and compliments the shades of green environment.



That was all about the monsoon style, the look and tips. Hope you all liked the look and will definitely try adopting one or both of these looks on a monsoon weekend. Don’t forget to share your looks with me on email.

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